Artist of Fine Art, Portraits, Landscapes,
Still Lifes, and Figurative Paintings

Bits and pieces of formal study, years of absorbing the old master works in museums and books, devouring new artists works in exhibitions, books and workshops are the education and foundation of Nedra C. Bailey as an artist. Determination, desire, some God given ability, and driven always to think to see shapes, lines, colors and value, create a force that compels her to draw and paint. She wants to get others to see the peaceful calming side of life through her paintings. Nedra believes an artist is an explorer that starts on a journey to a destination that is never reached. It may lead to a side road here, a down small path there, but with always a route to express life through paint.

Nedra C. Bailey
2157 Tanglewood Drive • Snellville, GA 30078
Phone 770-972-6447 • Cell 404-317-6788